‘The Force’ doesn’t work on the ice: Star Wars villain Darth Vader goes down hard at an AHL Game

Minor-league hockey has been known to bring in some pop culture characters from outside the hockey world to help promote events. On Sunday in Manchester, N.H., Star Wars villain Darth Vader was in attendance for an AHL game – and his dark powers couldn’t prevent him from taking an on-ice spill.

Like every minor league team, the Los Angeles Kings’ American League affiliate in Manchester, N.H., is not above having a promotional night with non-hockey elements to draw in different groups of fans. But they got a little more than they hoped for Sunday against the Portland Pirates when one of the most iconic characters in movie history – Star Wars villain Darth Vader – took an unfortunate spill on the ice.

As part of what was billed as a birthday party for their mascot, Max the Lion, he was joined on the ice by Vader to help drop the puck in the ceremonial faceoff. Before he got there, though, this happened: (via AHL vice-president of communications Jason Chaimovitch)

Vader may be one of the film world’s all-time biggest bad guys, but his dark powers apparently can’t even keep him upright on a sheet of ice (or keep his helmet on his head). Bring your ‘A’ game next time, Anakin.

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