The Hockey News staff predictions

Back again for the fourth go-around are The Hockey News staff predictions…we know this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Again, these predictions are for your entertainment and our in-office competition only.

Please, don’t put your first born child on the line because of what any of our writers or editors predict will happen…except maybe Edward, that guy is on fire!

So, for the final time this playoff season, here is our rundown of who each one of us thinks will win the Cup, in how many games and a quick one-liner why.

If you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, dying for the updated standings, the waiting has ended. Here are the rankings heading into the final:

Edward Fraser, Editor: 12-2
Ryan Dixon, Writer/Copy Editor: 10-4
Jason Kay, Editor: 9-5
Jamie Hodgson, Art Director: 9-5
Mike Brophy, Senior Writer: 8-6
Ken Campbell, Senior Writer: 8-6
Matt Filion, Designer: 8-6
Adam Proteau, Web Columnist: 7-7
Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Copy Editor: 7-7
Rory Boylen, Web Content Specialist: 7-7
Caroline Andrews, Publisher: 7-7

Adam Proteau, Web Columnist
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Shouldn’t be a shocker if Pens upset here, but Wings’ Lidstrom is the best player on either team and will be the difference.

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Mike Brophy, Senior Writer
Pittsburgh over Detroit 4-2 – Hey, everybody loves an underdog.

Ken Campbell, Senior Writer
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – The Red Wings’ experience will make the difference after everything else cancels out.

Jason Kay, Editor
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-3 – Because the Queen said so on the quarter I flipped.

Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Copy Editor
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Wings of the present beat Wings of the future.

Ryan Dixon, Writer/Copy Editor
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Patience young grasshopper, patience; your time will come.

Edward Fraser, Editor
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Forwards and goaltending even out, so the nod goes to the team with the better D and home ice advantage.

Rory Boylen, Web Content Specialist
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-1 – Experience trumps Crosby, Malkin and any other Penguin.

Jamie Hodgson, Art Director
Pittsburgh over Detroit – 4-3 – In the greatest final in recent memory, the Pens’ dream season ends on the highest possible note. Beware the Penguin.

Matt Filion, Designer
Detroit over Pittsburgh 4-2 – It’ll be close, but I give the edge to Detroit.

Caroline Andrews, Publisher
Pittsburgh over Detroit 4-2 – Youth will prevail.

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