The Lightning are releasing a t-shirt based on a player prank

The Tampa Bay Lightning will soon be releasing a palm tree covered t-shirt, one that bears resemblance to the third jersey they pranked players with back in September. Radko Gudas is very pleased.

With a single, ominous message, the Tampa Bay Lightning warned us all of the dawn of a new, palm tree-littered t-shirt. “Soon,” was the only hint the Lightning gave.

The shirt, pictured above, bears striking resemblance to the jersey that was the centerpiece of a joke played on the Lightning players by the training staff. Before the Lightning had unveiled their third jersey to fans and players, they gave the players a look at a jersey that, among other things, had palm trees filling the piping along the bottom.

Watch as Tampa’s players react to seeing the jersey for the first time:

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No one was quite as excited about the idea as defenseman Radko Gudas, who proclaimed that, were these Tampa Bay’s actual third jerseys, he would buy his own just to wear. Others were less enthused, to say the least.

Though one of the most common criticisms was “too many palm trees,” it appears the Lightning are not relenting. No word quite yet on when exactly these gems will hit the market, but you best get them quick before Gudas snatches them all up.