The maddess returns

When are GM’s going to wake up?

The collective bargaining agreement, which we lost a full season for, was supposed to help stop the overpaying of some players, but it has only spawned the overpaying of all players.

You would think that even the owners would be letting their GM’s know that they should be searching for talent at a reasonable rate. However, if no players are available then we will tap into our youth and bring up some talent.

There are only so many spots available for players in the league, and if Michael Ryder decides not to play in Boston for $1.5 million per, then let him sit on the bench for a team that does not want him.

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If Bryan Campbell prefers not to sign a five-year, $20-million deal, then let him go play in Europe. When are these GM’s going to wake up? They are scared if they don’t put up a big contract to these players then they will go someplace else, let them go and have other teams try to dump them and their contracts.

The emerging youth movement does allow for the bringing up of talent from the minors.

I have a great idea; GM’s should play the rookies they draft. If you thought they were good enough to be drafted, give them a chance, they may surprise you and save you millions of dollars.

Jason Boguski, Roblin, Man.