The NHL gets Game Of Thrones-ized with phenomenal banners for every team

A Washington-based illustrator has designed Game of Thrones-style banners for every NHL team – and they’re phenomenal whether or not you watch the wildly popular HBO series.

The HBO series
Game of Thrones has become incredibly popular – not just with fans of the successful book series the TV show is based on, but with hockey fans as well. One of them – Capitals fan and Washington-based illustrator
Rachel L. Cohen – decided to meld the NHL and
Game of Thrones worlds by designing sigils (a.k.a. clan banners) for every NHL franchise. The results are phenomenal:

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tumblr_n4ptlb2FkG1qdmqf8o2_r2_1280   Let’s hope no
Game of Thrones fan starts marrying another element of the show – putting the decapitated heads of vanquished opponents on spikes – with teams and players eliminated from the NHL playoffs.