The past was better

I’m from North Bay. Yes, the town that won Hockeyville. It was a great experience if you were lucky enough to get a ticket!

But I’m not here to go on about Hockeyville. I’m writing in concern of Chris Simon and his “attack” on Jarkko Ruutu.

I know this is a couple of weeks old now, and I don’t agree with him doing it and his suspension is long enough, but if this was the Original Six era (which it isn’t), one of his teammates would’ve come over and smacked some sense into Chris.

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But it isn’t; this is Gary Bettman’s new NHL where big hits are scarce and the refs are getting in the way of fights. It isn’t right!

I grew up (and still am) a Maple Leaf fan in the Tie Domi era where you were guaranteed a fight a game, and it was great!

Kortney Kenney