The ‘real’ best blueliners

David Fanjoy, Burlington, Ont.

The Norris candidates for this year have confirmed my theory about the terrible stereotyping of defensemen in the NHL.

Although it is hard to judge the value of a defensemen, this year the players judged to be the best at their position are overrated stars who are loved by the media.

Drew Doughty played very well in the latter half of the Olympic tournament and he also had a great offensive year, but that alone does not make him a Norris candidate.

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Both he and Mike Green are liabilities to their own teams, but the media has dubbed them all-stars and no one argues even when they create disastrous turnovers.

Meanwhile, the guys who really help their teams by going about their jobs quietly and efficiently get no credit.

Guys like Josh Gorges might not get the recognition that Duncan Keith and Doughty get, but I would take them on my team any day.