The record-setting David Hale

Every time David Hale steps on the ice for his first shift of the game, he sets a record. He has broken and set new records 23 times this season. It’s unfortunate very few are noticing.

The Calgary Flames defenseman hasn’t scored in each of his 180 NHL games. That’s the longest an NHL career has gone without the player scoring a goal. No one noticed late last season when Hale played his 156th NHL game without a goal, surpassing the record of 155 games established by Steven Halko (1997-2003).

The seventh defenseman for the Flames is a defensive specialist, as are most of the players on this week’s top 10 list. These are the players in best position to challenge Hale’s record if he were ever to score and put a cap on his record streak. Keep in mind, this is just players who haven’t scored in their NHL careers. One goal and they’re gone.

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10. Riley Cote, RW, 25, Philadelphia, 31 games.

9. Danny Richmond, D, 23, Chicago, 43 games.

8. Adam Burish, RW, 24, Chicago, 44 games.

7. Staffan Kronwall, D, 25, Toronto, 47 games.

6. Bobby Allen, D, 29, Boston, 45 games.

5. J-F Jacques, LW, 22, Edmonton, 53 games.

4. Denis Grebeshkov, D, 24, Edmonton, 64 games.

3. Doug Murray, D, 27, San Jose, 97 games.

2. Matt Walker, D, 27, St. Louis, 140 games.

1. David Hale, D, 26, Calgary, 180 games.

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