The sad and sorry squad with a GAA of 48.00 and an SP of .526

The Bulgarian women were outshot 139-0 by Slovakia in an Olympic qualifying tournament four years ago. The Bulgarians didn’t return for these Olympics, but that epic loss is one for the ages.

It was in an Olympic qualifying tournament that took place more than four years ago, but it’s a saga worth telling again, especially with such stunning video evidence.

Check out this youtube video of the Bulgarian women’s team that lost 82-0 in a game against Slovakia. It’s unbelievable. In a way, it’s kind of sad the way the Slovaks kept pouring it on in a game that should have allowed a mercy rule. But then again, there must have been players on the Slovak team out to prove themselves worthy. How can you tell them to play half-heartedly? And Slovakia itself is aiming to improve its program in women’s hockey.

Bottom line, Bulgaria had no business being there just yet. The video evidence from Latvia proves that.

The Bulgarians didn’t enter a team at this year’s Olympic qualifier. And fortunately, there was only one qualifier game that reached double-digits when Denmark beat Croatia 20-1 in Group G.

Here’s the story on the 2010 Bulgarian women, borrowed from our Chasing Glory Olympic preview magazine.

Non-traditional hockey nations are naturally at lower levels on the evolutionary scale. So it’s not uncommon to see some one-sided scores at the bottom rung of world championships and Olympic qualification tournaments.

The most one-sided in recent memory was the pummelling the Bulgarian women took at the 2010 Olympic qualification tournament in Liepaja, Latvia.

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Playing in a group that included Slovakia, Latvia, Italy and Croatia, none of which made it to the 2014 Games in Sochi, the Bulgarians were like little school girls playing against women.

Bulgaria opened the round-robin tournament with a 41-0 loss to Italy, then improved the next day with a 30-1 loss to Croatia. It was all downhill from there. After a day off, Latvia beat them 39-0, setting the stage for round-robin champ Slovakia to post an 82-0 score in the final game.

In the 82-0 loss to Slovakia, Janka Culikova had 10 goals and seven assists. The Slovaks scored 11 goals in a 2:53 span in the first period and led 19-0 by the 10-minute mark. Bulgaria was outshot 139-0 in the game.

For the tournament, Bulgaria was outscored a whopping 192-1. The opposition scored on the Bulgarians once every 75 seconds on average during the four games.

Starting goalie Liubomira Shosheva had a 48.50 goals-against average and .545 save percentage. Backup Kamilia Drazheva had a 47.87 GAA and .342 SP. Bulgaria took seven shots the entire tournament and allowed 405.

Olga Gospodinova scored the only goal for Bulgaria, but she was a minus-84 for the tournament.

Bulgaria is ranked 33rd among the 36 nations playing organized women’s hockey.