The Sharks attempt to decipher a child’s drawing and the result is hilarious

The Sharks did their best to decipher which member of the team was depicted in a child’s drawing. Come for the reactions, stay for Dylan DeMelo’s dissection of the hair.

Portrait drawing takes years of practice, a keen eye and some serious skill. Or, for any child with a handful of crayons and the back of a paper placemat at the local diner, it takes about 15 minutes while you wait for the pancakes to get placed on the table.

The best thing about a kid’s drawing, though, is that their way of sketching out what they see often comes with amazing results. Be it tiny arms and legs sticking out of one big, round head or three-fingered stick people with L-shaped feet, there’s always something hilariously unique about each drawing and almost every doodle requires some sort of explanation.

That is unless you’re the San Jose Sharks, in which case you go in blind and try your hand at guessing what — or, in this instance, who — you’re seeing. Watch as the Sharks try to determine which teammate’s photo has been drawn by a young member of their FINatical Kids Club:

Where do you even start?

The reactions off the top, especially those of Marc-Edourard Vlasic and Mikkel Boedker, are great, and Tomas Hertl’s half-laughing ask of “Who can be this?!” will crack you up. Then there’s the dissection of the “flow” by Dylan DeMelo, right down to the haircare products. But nothing about this video is better than Brenden Dillon’s unexpected self-burn. 

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While he’s trying to figure out who exactly the drawing is, he says that whoever is depicted in the drawing has “a face for radio.” Turns out it was you all along, Brenden. Surprise!

You’ve got give the Sharks credit where it’s due, though. Almost all of the players in the video ended up getting the drawing correct — few looked more shocked than Joe Thornton — and they all had their reasons for guessing the way they did, though most of the guesses had to do with the hair.

Now it’s time for the Sharks to dissect some abstract art. Maybe we’ll finally learn who exactly Picasso was trying to doodle.

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