Theo owes Calgary fans an apology

Steve Dicker, Paradise, Nfld.

I wish Theo Fleury all the best of luck in his comeback attempt… just not with Calgary.

This is the same Theo Fleury that turned down a five-year, $25-million contract extension from the Flames in 1999, then held a press conference and bawled like a little girl when the team traded him to Colorado.

During the off-season, Flames GM Al Coates reminded the media and Fleury that the offer was still on the table, however Fleury signed an even bigger deal with the Rangers.

Yes, the NHL is a business as much as it is sport and players are able to sign with any team they wish once they become eligible for free agency.

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However, I do have a problem with Theo Fleury wanting to come back to the very team he stabbed in the back in 1999. All of a sudden, Calgary’s money is good enough for you?

Like I said, I’m glad he’s winning the war against his demons and if he makes it back to the NHL, more power to him. But, if it is indeed with the Flames, I think he owes their fans another press conference, this time to apologize for the jerk he was 10 years ago.