This Darryl Sutter press conference montage is fantastic

Prior to Game 3 Monday night, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada put together a video montage of some of Kings coach Darryl Sutter’s finest moments in the post-game press conference. The results are tremendous.

Darryl Sutter is a man of few words.

But, man, can he generate a laugh with his bland, dry comments.

If you give Sutter a close-ended question, you better expect a short response. In fact, give him an open-ended question and you still might get a limited response.

For example: “What did you tell the team after the game?”

Answer: “Fly at 11.”

Sutter is hockey’s less surly answer to basketball’s Gregg Popovich, coach of the somehow-still-elite San Antonio Spurs. ‘Pop’ has become known for his terse sideline interviews, just as Sutter is acclaimed for his abrupt post-game sessions.

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It may be frustrating for the reporters on scene, but hey, at least Sutter’s not hostile about it like John Tortorella.

Before Game 3 Monday night, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada showed a montage of some of Sutter’s finest moments in his post-game pressers. And after, they threw to a live interview by Scott Oake with the Kings coach.

This is great.

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