This is the most Tim Thomas save that Tim Thomas has ever made

Tim Thomas is known for his acrobatic and sometimes awkward style of goaltending. But we don’t think he planned to stop Mike Green’s breakaway the way he did Thursday night.

Are you kidding me Tim Thomas? You always look like you’re about to lose control or go wildly out of position. But then you do your thing and blow our minds with the positive, and often incredible, result.

And here we go again. Late in the third period of Thursday’s game against Washington, with the score tied, Mike Green came in on a breakaway against Thomas. And as Thomas was backing into his net he lost his balance and fell to the ice. He was out of it. Done. Finito.

Except that he wasn’t. Because Tim Thomas made the most Tim Thomas save that Tim Thomas has ever made.

The Panthers lost 5-4, allowing the winning goal seconds after this save because of some shoddy defense. Just another night.

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Thomas is no stranger at making incredible saves. He’s acrobatic and awkward all at once. One second he doesn’t look like he belongs and the next he’s creating the highlight of the night. His goaltending style is far from conventional. It’s, anarchistic, you might say.

This save will now be added to the list of Thomas stops that will be shown on TV long after he retires for good. But is it an all-time Thomas best? Below is a package of 10 of Thomas’ most eye-popping saves. I’m not so sure this one would belong on that list, since a lot of it relied on Mike Green not raising the puck.

But it was just so…Tim Thomas.

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