This Week in THN: Oct. 26

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In the Oct. 26 issue of The Hockey News:

• It’s the 2009 edition of Bucks and Pucks, giving you the low down on all player salaries in the NHL. Ken Campbell’s cover story examines how teams like Chicago and Washington can hold onto both their cash and their cache of soon-to-be RFAs.

• In Overtime, Eric Duhatschek gets Pat Quinn’s opinion on the evolution of coaching since Quinn first bellowed behind a bench in 1979.

• On the Opinion Page, Brian Costello takes a crack at keeping the Hawks treasury of riches without breaking the bank.

• Editor in chief Jason Kay forecasts where the winds of the next CBA storm are blowing

• In Proteau Type, Adam Proteau gets Washington’s Nicklas Backstrom to explain the chemistry between his playmaking abilities and Alex Ovechkin’s goal-scoring prowess.

• In the Slot sees Ken Campbell taking aim at how it was unquestionably the Leafs’ monopoly on the NHL market in southern Ontario that thwarted Jim Balsillie’s plans to move the Coyotes to Hamilton.

• Our Player Poll reveals the players’ own picks on who they think will win the Cup and which teams will breakout or sink to the bottom. Starting from 5 counts down the biggest cap hits on the blueline, and an Inside the NHL feature explains why Milan Michalek had to leave the San Jose sun to get some of the spotlight a player of his caliber deserves.

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• In Crowd Shots, the best letters to the editor are featured, Adam Proteau answers readers’ questions in Ask Adam and Tobias Enstrom answers your questions in Fan Shootout.

• Our Olympic Tracker looks at how Andrei Markov’s ankle injury is a huge setback for Russia’s quest for hockey gold.

• NHL Depth Charts are back – every player, every team, including injuries, spares and next-in-line call-ups.

• With the school year well underway, THN hit the books for our NCAA Preview. Our reporters bring you the best of every conference.

• Beyond the Spotlight goes from the rink to the raceway, where Ryan Kennedy takes a look at hockey player-turned-top-NASCAR-rookie Michael Annett.

• Our NHL Team Reports answer the question of “Who’s That Guy?” with a peek at players who usually fly under the radar.

• In the International Report, Sergei Fedorov challenges those who criticize him for signing with Metallurg Magnitogorsk to lace ‘em up.

• Prospects Unlimited profiles Lake Erie’s Tyler Weiman and Worcester’s Nick Petrecki of the American League along with QMJHL Gatineau’s Maxime Clermont.

• Inside the Numbers heads to the draft table and analyzes how today’s teams were built.

• The best and worst of hockey in plus/minus.

• Last Minute of Play has Charlie Teljeur’s hockeysockpuppettheatre cartoon, Larry Humber’s hockey crossword puzzle and Ryan Kennedy’s Jersey Hound, which features the new-look Calgary Hitmen.

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