News Blog: Amateur jersey contest rolls along

The response has been both overwhelming and impressive.

We’ve received many dozens of email images of amateur hockey jerseys since first promoting our contest in this space last week. Quite frankly, we’ve been blown away by the quality of jerseys out there, even if it is mostly for the beer leagues.
Most of the submissions have uniforms professionally designed and tailored. And the color palettes and logos have been original and top notch as well. Just how we’re going to narrow the field to a top 10 or 20 will be a challenge we haven’t seen since those geniuses in New York told us there wasn’t going to be NHL hockey in 2004-05.

I’m just one member of our judging panel, but some of my favorites so far received are: Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ out of Richmond, Va., Army Air Corps Ice Hawks out of Basingstoke in Hampshire, U.K., Mississippi Gulf Coast Hockey out of Biloxi, Miss., the South Florida Screaming Eagles out of Coral Spring, Fla., Arhus IK out of Denmark, the Empty Kegs out of North Kansas City, Mo., the Monks of Bretaye from Villars, Switz., and the Goats from Scarborough, Ont.

The most remote entry comes from Ushuaia, Argentina, which is pretty much the southern-most community in the western hemisphere.

Hockey player Jose Luis Tibaudin is a member of the Club Andino Ushuaia group, located on the southern tip of South America. Four hundred years ago when he was the first to sail around Cape Horn, Sir Francis Drake called the waters off Ushuaia the most dangerous on the planet.
So who knew they’d one day play hockey on the frozen inland waters down there?

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Tibaudin says his recreational team has been playing hockey on a frozen pond named Laguna del Diablo (Devils Lagoon) since 2003. It stays frozen just two months in the winter so inline hockey is the main activity the rest of the year.

So popular have winter sports become lately, a new Olympic-sized ice arena is being built by the municipality. If you’re curious, check out this link.

“That’s good news for Argentinian hockey,” Tibaudin said.

There’s nothing too special about the Ushuaia logo and jersey, but the Argentinians get nice marks for effort and creativity in pushing the game forward.

Deadline for submissions to our best amateur hockey jersey is Sept. 14. Our fall magazine, Greatest Jerseys of All-Time, is scheduled for a mid-October release. In 50 words or less, tell us a little bit about your jersey and logo, who created it, what team wears it and in what league or level of play.

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