News Blog: Calling for hockey’s best noses

As expected, the Toronto Maple Leafs hired Tim Hunter and Rob Zettler Tuesday to serve as new bench boss Ron Wilson’s assistant coaches. Both worked under Wilson in San Jose, so it was no surprise they’re joining together again.

Hunter’s name in the news brings to mind an email question I recently received. Take it away…er, Fredo “The Beak” Westilanni of Toronto:

Hey Buddy!

In your personal, expert opinion, who has the largest nose in the NHL? Cuz MAN! There are some honkin’ beaks out there in the league. Kaberle? Steen? Forsberg? (Jeff) Carter?

Give it some thought and let us know. Perhaps some sort of Top 5 list.

While I’d like to think I understand a couple things about hockey, I’m not nearly as much of a proboscis aficionado as Fredo might have hoped.

That’s why I turn to you for help answering his inquiry. Email your votes for most sizeable schnozz (among current NHLers) to, and the results will be tabulated for an upcoming blog.

• Looking forward to seeing Mike Milbury’s new role now that he’s moved to the CBC and Hockey Night In Canada.

Say what you will about Milbury’s worth as a GM – and goodness knows, I’ve written some highly unflattering stuff in that regard – but you can’t say the guy hasn’t performed excellently as a commentator and analyst since leaving the New York Islanders organization a year ago.

Milbury’s opinions always are strong and passionately put across, which is more than you can say for some of the bland, safe, vacuum-sealed, clichéd blatherings that pass for debate in the hockey community these days.

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