News Blog: Escape for L.A.

Call me Johnny Hindsight, but after seeing the Kings split two games with Anaheim on the weekend I can’t help but be impressed with their crop of forwards.

Consensus around the league before the season was that L.A. had an underrated crew up front, but when you see them out there in full force you get a real sense for how good this team could be.


If Mike Cammalleri, Anze Kopitar and Alexander Frolov played in the East, they’d be household names. If Patrick O’Sullivan starts to realize his potential and Dustin Brown continues his upward trajectory, the Kings are going to score some goals.

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And if rookie Jonathan Bernier’s big-league debut can be taken at face value, California will have a third quality club.

A DAY OFF Was chatting with a co-worker yesterday about the fact last night was one of those rare nights devoid of any Big Four professional league games.

Maybe the NHL should have taken notice of that when planning its opening night. Instead of competing with the start of the Major League Baseball playoffs tonight, it could have had the whole night to itself if had it kicked off North American play 24 hours earlier.

Competing with America’s national pastime is not the way to garner more attention.