News Blog: Having fun at Tlusty’s expense

• At the risk of piling on the Jiri Tlusty situation, I have to admit I laughed heartily Saturday night when the Maple Leafs winger scored his first goal since becoming embroiled in a controversy over personal pictures that found their way into the public domain.

Why? Because the press box wisecrackers came out in full force immediately thereafter. One observer said, “Geez, it looks like Tlusty really exposed (Sens goalie Martin) Gerber on that goal.”

Another remarked: “I thought (Tlusty) undressed (Gerber) like a pro.”

There was more smartassery, but you get the picture.

Was it humor at its most juvenile? Certainly. But was it funny, too? Hell yeah, it was funny, too.

Sorry, Jiri.

• With the exception of Brett Hull – kidding! I kid often! – is there anyone in hockey who works harder than Cassie Campbell?

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Not only is she settling in to her role as an NHL analyst with Hockey Night In Canada, Campbell remains one of the best and busiest ambassadors for women’s hockey on the planet and has now authored her first book, H.E.A.R.T.

It is aimed at young adults interested in reading about her days as one of the premier athletes in her sport.

Even if you’re not the biggest women’s hockey fan out there, you’re likely to find inspiration in Campbell’s experiences.

If you’re looking to read a more adult-oriented version of the lessons she’s learned, you can go here to reserve your spot in line.

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