News Blog: Leave 3-pointers to basketball

According to the results of a study released Wednesday, the NHL’s introduction of the single point for losing in overtime had the desired effect, with less games ending in ties.

The study, which looked at games between 1995 and 2004 (five years before and after the introduction of the loser-point), also confirmed what many opponents suggested would happen when the league established the rule back in 1999 – that more games would go into OT as a result of teams playing it safe late in the third, not wanting to risk losing a point by opening things up.

To combat this factor, the study suggests the league should try awarding three points for a regulation win, something the league has explored as recently as February at the GM meetings.

To this I say: No, sir, I don’t like it.

What’s wrong with overtime? Seeing 4-on-4 is great, so why would you want to decrease the odds of it happening and, at the same time, further taint the record books by having the Presidents’ Trophy winner come in with around 170 points?

WEB WAGER In one of his blog entries last week, web columnist Adam Proteau shared his THN office pool team and boasted of its imminent supremacy.

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Unfortunately for Adam, he’s suffered significant cerebral damage from all the verbal blows he’s taken over the years for his anti-fighting stance.

As you, the intelligent reader you are, can see, my squad is clearly superior:

1. Alexander Ovechkin, Was
2. Martin Havlat, Chi
3. Henrik Sedin, Van
4. Ales Hemsky, Edm
5. Ryan Whitney, Pit
6. Michal Handzus, LA
7. Ladislav Nagy, LA
8. Doug Weight, StL
9. Lee Stempniak, StL
10. Colby Armstrong, Pit
11. Marco Sturm, Bos
12. Teemu Selanne, UFA

I’m one who’s always willing to put his money where his mouth is, so for you and him alike to see, I bet my team will come out in front in our points-only pool when all is said and done.

On the line? A frothy beverage of the winner’s choosing.

Check Proteau’s blog on Monday to see if he’s up for the challenge.

If he’s in, I’ll keep you updated throughout the season.