News Blog: Show the votes; ditch the violence

Had to respond to a couple recent blogs from my senior, learned THN colleagues.

First, Brian Costello’s rant on the lack of transparency in the voting process for the Hockey Hall of Fame was bang-on.

The argument that players who didn’t make the HHOF cut would be embarrassed by publicizing the voting breakdown is typical, small-minded, short-sighted NHL thinking, and the type of debate that would arise from revealing the results surely would garner another few days of publicity for the league and its legends.

The fact they continually refuse to is another indication of the uphill battle modernity has with this league.

And far be it from a mid-level slug like me to criticize my wonderful, handsome, all-knowing, ever-benevolent boss, Jason Kay, but I just can’t accept his theory that an infusion of lunatic behavior on the ice may translate into more interest in the league and more revenue for owners and players to split.

Were that true, the Philadelphia Flyers would be making news and covers beyond the hockey industry and soliciting endorsements left and right.

Instead, all their suspensions and shameful behavior this season has got them is a heap of scorn and ridicule from a general public – and growing group of players and agents – increasingly disgusted with the lack of sportsmanship and outright thuggery that has stained this league for far too many years.

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At least a few hockey people this weekend thought it was news to hear NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly endorse the idea of placing an expansion team in Canada.

When I read about it, I thought, ‘That sounds familiar. Where have I heard that before?’

Then I remembered – Kelly said the same thing to me in a wide-ranging December interview.

And a lot more, too.

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