News Blog: The Def Leppard disaster

Ya know, the NHL really tries, but you have to wonder sometimes if these guys get it. They have a colossal screw-up with the Stanley Cup opening night, then on their website, they run a piece gushing about Face-Off Rocks 2008 – whatever the hell that was supposed to be – as though it was the second coming of The Beatles.

“It was an incentive for all 30 NHL teams and their cities,” the story said. “Win the Stanley Cup and you get to rock out next.”

And you also get to watch some dumbass geriatric singer put the Cup down upside down ( and then say, “Well never mind. We’re soccer boys. What do we know?”

What else would you expect from a bunch of guys who can’t seem to spell the words “deaf” or “leopard” properly? Must be that soccer trophies get placed down with the big covered side sticking up. That makes sense.

And what else do you expect from a league that has a kid wearing a sweater with “Lindstrom” on the back at its own awards ceremonies? What else do you expect from a league that doesn’t seem to have a problem with a player’s kid having a poopie in its signature trophy or other players eating breakfast cereal out of it?

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I can just imagine the planning meeting for this thing. Yeah, to celebrate the Stanley Cup in Detroit, let’s invite a bunch of aging English rockers who don’t know anything about hockey. Hmmm, Dexy’s Midnight Runners are booked up, so let’s invite Def Leppard to Motown. Yeah, to Motown. And just for fun, let’s not have a dry run with the Stanley Cup beforehand.

If I were the NHL, I’d be trying to wipe this embarrassment from everyone’s memory banks and have YouTube pull it down immediately.

But no, the NHL celebrates it with gushing stories that don’t even mention the incident.

And then they wonder why people laugh at them.


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