News Logo Tournament: Round of 16

What started in the hundreds was whittled down to 40. And now we stand with 16.

THN’s logo tournament is down to a single-elimination Sweet 16, but just getting out of the top 40 was a battle for many squads.

In the end, the NHL managed to deliver all eight of its teams, though it was supremely close in some instances. Grassroots support helped vault three ECHL teams into the mix, while all three major junior leagues and two NCAA conferences got a bid each.

Now we get down to the serious decisions. From now on, the tournament is head-to-head.

Can San Jose, a team that barely squeaked in (sorry, Laredo), dethrone the mighty Chicago Blackhawks? And what will happen when the North Dakota Fighting Sioux takes on the London Knights (actually, we wouldn’t mind seeing that one decided on the ice one of these days). Can Boston College succeed where the Bruins have often failed by taking out the Montreal Canadiens?

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Their fates are all in your hands, folks. The championship nears…make your votes count (click HERE to cast your ballots).

* voting ends 9 a.m. EST on Sept 15.

Round of 16

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