News Logo Tournament: Semifinals

Don’t mess with Quebec.

After the Chicago Blackhawks – nearly everyone’s pre-tournament pick as eventual champion – and the North Dakota Fighting Sioux jumped out to what we believed to be insurmountable leads in the early days of voting in the quarterfinals, a weekend push from the French contingent ushered both the Montreal Canadiens and Rimouski Oceanic into the semis of’s 2008 logo tournament.

This turnabout is sure to have some scratching their heads, but when the fans speak, there’s no choice but to listen.

Perhaps surprisingly, only two NHL clubs remain now that we’ve reached the final four. And since Detroit and Montreal faceoff in the semifinals, we’re assured of either a QMJHL or ECHL squad making the final two.

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Will the ‘Q’ continue to vote in droves or will the underdog Ontario Reign, who finished sixth in our original rankings, continue their run?

Incase you were wondering, the Canadiens finished third and the Red Wings second in our initial NHL rankings, while the Oceanic topped the Quebec League list.

Whichever logo or team you’re pulling for, the time to vote is now. Click HERE to lay down your selection and help push it into the final.

*Voting ends 9 a.m. EST on Sept. 29.

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