Throwback everything

Aaron Kerzner, West Haven, Conn.

Hey Buffalo, Philadelphia and Edmonton, after seeing the third jerseys that replicated the classic originals introduced last year I say make those jerseys your main ones.

I can imagine the pride Buffalo fans take in seeing the famed crossed-Sabre logo rather than the “Buffa-slug.” It is great to see the Flyers take to the ice in a bright orange they were meant to wear. I know they say black makes a team look bigger and meaner, but hey, the Broad Street Bullies were no less intimidating in those orange duds.

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I have to say the throwback Oiler jerseys are great, too. I think wearing not only the same logo, but the same uniform as Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Co., will help the newest generation of Oilers further appreciate what it means to be a member of that organization and help to return some of the pride to the team.

So what do you say Sabres, Flyers and Oilers? Let’s bring tradition back on a permanent basis.