Ticket drive for potential NHL team in Las Vegas nearing 7,000 mark

After two weeks, Las Vegas’ drive to sign up 10,000 season ticket holders is 70 percent of the way there, according to prospective team owner Bill Foley.

Billionaire businessman Bill Foley, the man behind the push for an NHL franchise in Las Vegas, announced Monday the two-week-old public drive to sign up potential season ticket holders has reached the 7,000 mark – with another 3,000 to go to meet its goal.

Speaking on a Las Vegas sports radio show, Foley said his Hockey Vision Las Vegas group is approximately 70 percent of the way toward its goal of 10,000 deposits for seats. The push began Feb. 10, and although it reached the 5,000-deposit mark in the first two days, it accepted just 2,000 deposits over the next 11 days.
Nevertheless, in a statement made via a news release, Foley sounded pleased with the overall outlook.

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“The support of the Las Vegas community throughout this campaign has been incredible,” Foley said.

Fans who make a deposit for season tickets must put down 10 percent of the first year’s ticket price. They can choose the length of their ticket commitment – anywhere from one to 10 years – and those who pay for at least two years will have the luxury of choosing their seats first if the NHL decides to award the city its first major league franchise. If the ticket drive fails to reach its goal or the league doesn’t choose to give the city a team, the deposits will be refunded.