Time for a new NHL show

Ryan Hank, Langley, B.C.

The NHL has done a great job in re-branding the league to appeal to a more media savvy fan.

With NHL Faceoff 2009, the annual Winter Classic becoming a huge hit in the U.S., online voting and so on, the NHL is starting figure out why the NFL works so well; and took a few pages out the NFL’s marketing playbook.

The NHL has hit a roadblock with one part of their media outreach, however: the NHL Network.

It’s too boring! NHL on the Fly isn’t attention grabbing anymore and it isn’t appealing to the ever-growing fan who follows the league the closest: the fantasy hockey fan.

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The NFL Network recently released NFL Redzone, a program that covers every redzone drive on Sundays and gets the fan right into the heart of every game, which fantasy GMs have been praising as they can see how their points are being scored.

Why not do the same thing and revamp NHL on the Fly with NHL Power Play. Whenever a team is on the power play they cut in for the full two minutes and follow that game.

Guaranteed goals, guaranteed action for as long as the power play lasts. I know I would start watching it again.