Time for a new TV approach

Everyone agrees that live NHL games are much better than TV. The NHL games have been filmed the same way for 50 years. Why not replicate what is good about live games for TV broadcasts? At a live game, you can see the whole ice, see plays develop and where passes and shots are going.

On TV, they zoom in so close and zip the camera back and forth so fast, it makes it unwatchable, except for the most hardcore fan. Most times, the goalie has already made the save by the time the camera catches up. You can’t notice the speed of the game as much with camera shots in too close.

HDNet did an incredible job when they had the NHL about showing as much of the ice as possible (one zone at a time). Most importantly, they would hold the camera shot still, so the human eye could follow the trajectory of the puck when it was shot.

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The TV games now zoom in too close to each player and pan the camera over when they shoot or pass. I know people say the puck is tough to follow, but people don’t complain about this at live games. Basketball games on TV show the entire half of the court stationary during each possession, much like a hockey game should be shot when a team has the puck in a zone.

The games would actually be enjoyable on TV and people wouldn’t get motion sickness.

Zooming in on battles on the boards or a defensemen bringing up the puck is such a waste. â€¨â€¨Hockey on TV has always gotten awful ratings; why not try a new approach.

Brendan Hinch, Cary, N.C.