Times, they are a changin’

Giovanni Salvatore, Montreal

I’ve just finished reading Ken Campbell’s column titled Bleu, Blanc et Rogue in the May 24th issue.

I don’t understand your point. Are you bashing Canadiens hockey fans? You keep making references to the past and comparing those olden times.

Have you seen any post season games involving the Canadiens? Are you not a fan of hockey? Why do you waste your attention on the fans when the real story is on the ice?

In my short, 30 something years, never have I seen a team come around and gel together as this year’s edition of the Canadiens.

We are proud of our team and we have a right to cheer them as we see fit. You paint us as being moronic idiots wearing next to nothing with silly signs and aluminum foil Stanley Cups.

I remember some of the crazy stuff my uncles did back in the glory days you’re referring to. Believe me, that was a whole lot worse.

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History is great, but what important is the now, the present.

But what’s wrong with you? Have you lost your passion for the game? Oh, wait, maybe you thought Washington or Pittsburgh should have won.

Unfortunately, Montreal bested both of them with passion and grit. Imagine if Washington or Pittsburgh had that team spirit.

Wow, I guess THN will rate Montreal first overall next year, heh!

You know that all you have written in your text could be applied to any Original 6 teams.

I mean, where and how do you get to bring an octopus inside an arena and then get to throw it on the ice? What’s so glorious about that? Times, they change you know.

Stop complaining, old men.