Tom Cavanagh doesn’t mind that his new movie has been dubbed ‘gay hockey movie’

The actor, who played the title role on the TV series “Ed” is at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend promoting the movie.

In “Breakfast With Scot,” Cavanagh plays a gay ex-Toronto Maple Leaf who finds his life turned upside down when he and his partner suddenly find themselves caring for a flamboyant young boy.

The NHL and the Maple Leafs gave permission for their logos to be used in the film.

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The subject matter has stirred up controversy among hockey fans and director Laurie Lynd says he received hate mail about the project.

Cavanagh says he was surprised that some people objected to the film.

He says if people want to throw a label on the movie then that’s fine with him because it means they are aware that “Breakfast With Scot” is out there.