Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon tackles pros and cons of a team in Las Vegas

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon made a helpful list of pros and cons regarding the NHL’s potential move to Las Vegas. Take note, Mr. Bettman, as there may be some tips for how to take care of things in Nevada.

Unlike some in late night television, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon hasn’t been shy about using hockey as the butt of his jokes. While it may be the least followed of the four major sports in the US, hockey is still ripe for a jab here and there.

So, with late last week of a potential team in Las Vegas, Fallon took it upon himself to make up a handy list of pros and cons for what fans could expect if the league were to expand to Nevada:

These are all good and well, but someone needs to give Fallon a short lesson on how to pronounce those Russian names before he gives them a go on not-quite-live TV. Either that, or there’s some new guy floating around the league named Alexei Poniskarskovsky. If there is, we haven’t heard of him yet. Must be good with a name like that.

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It’s surprising that Fallon didn’t take a shot at Gary Bettman’s stance on legal sports betting in all of this, but there’s only so much time.

If you were to make up a list of pros and cons, what would you have on your list?