Tony Sericolo rocks!

Many issues ago you published a letter written about a great experience a father and his child had running into an NHL ref at a hotel. Although I imagine you get many similar letters, I thought I’d share mine.

I had taken my son Nicklas (who was born in September ’02 and could’ve just as easily been named Yzerman Albrecht, had Stevie won the Conn Smythe) to his first Red Wings game; just he and I on a “no rules road trip,” proudly venturing into enemy territory with our Wings jerseys on our backs.

We drove to New Jersey from our home outside Albany, N.Y. Seats on the glass, our heroes on the ice; the complete deal.

And then there was magic.

Sometime during the third period at a stoppage of play, linesman Tony Sericolo picked up the puck, cold and icy right off the ice, made eye contact with my son and flipped him the puck over the glass! The boy just about lost it – ecstatic, that is, not the puck.

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That one simple action, likely something Mr. Sericolo does countless times over a season, made our game, and dare I say as a fourth generation Red Wings fanatic, easily sealed the fate of a fifth.

Our whole family would like to send a huge thank you to all the officials in the NHL who often do the little things that can mean so much to us fans!


Phil Albrecht, Delmar, N.Y.