Top 10 goals of 2014: Latest highlight from Ovie one of the year’s best

From spinning backhanders to between the legs beauties, 2014 had some incredible goals. We count down the top 10 tallies of the year, and you’re sure to have your jaw on the floor.

It seems like each year there’s yet another goal that seems impossible. This year, there were 10.

From between the legs moves to spinning, no-look goals, there have been more than a few tallies this season that had no business going in. While there was an entire 12 months worth of goals to consider, it wasn’t until December when we found our definite list-topper.

Check out the complete top 10 below:

10. Josh Wesley spins, fires backhand that had no business going in

9. Nathan Gerbe shows a little flare, goes between the legs

8. Backwards, between the legs goal makes Seth Griffith a household name

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7. P.K. Subban does it himself against Colorado

6. Tyler Ennis scores leaping, no-look, backhand tally

5. Jonathan Toews dances Brooks Orpik for outdoor beauty

4. Tomas Tatar makes Dallas defenders look silly

3. Vincent Praplan’s beautiful deke leads to incredible goal

2. Mikael Granlund’s solo effort leads Wild over Avalanche in OT

1. Alexander Ovechkin goes between the legs past two Devils and backhand shelf