Top 10 hockey fan faux pas

Those in the hockey world are front and center for praise and blame, but should fans be free from (playful) criticism? Here’s a top 10 list of don’ts for ice aficionados.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I have a pretention to post my thoughts on fan flubs, which I have harmlessly termed “hockey fan faux pas.” For the many who don’t, I think fans are fair game for constructive critique as much as players, coaches, GMs, owners, teams and, of course, media.

The responses have ranged from ardent praise to sheer vitriol. Truth be told, however, I think fans can do, wear, say, shout, scream or yell whatever the heck they want, short of verbal or physical violence. They’ve paid their money, and the M.O. of any sports zealot should be to cut loose and have fun.

That said, it stabs me right in my hockey heart to see fans – particularly jersey junkies, which make up the bulk of my list – cross the cool line into flat-out uncool territory. After all, ours is the coolest sport on the planet.

So to that end, I’ve gone through my Twitter history to list my top 10 hockey fan faux pas. Feel free to tweet your agreement, disagreement or your hair-raising hostility to my list.

And if you have any hockey fan faux pas you think should be on the list, feel free to fire them my way at @THNRonnieShuker. My only request: keep it clever.



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