Trade deadline should be on the weekend

In an era when the NHL is spicing up the All-Star Game in a desperate attempt to boost ratings, I find it puzzling why it always schedules the trade deadline on a weekday.

Recently because of its popularity, all the Canadian networks have expanded their coverage of this day to bring their viewers up to the second updates on player movement. But how many people are actually sitting at home on their couch on a Tuesday afternoon?

Why not move D-Day to a Sunday, and broadcast a doubleheader on TSN and NBC? Start the trade deadline show early, and start the first game at 1 p.m. Then inject the game with plenty of updates while all of the deals are getting done.

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You could cut to the studio for quick anecdotes and analysis, while keeping a running ticker at the bottom of the screen with all of the player movements.

People would be glued to the television for the entire day. Fans could speculate why certain players are not in the lineup, while ratings and advertising dollars would be high.

Players who are traded rarely make their new team’s next game anyway, so there should be no scheduling conflicts involved. Make it a yearly event.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

John Dunstan, Toronto