True Halloween story: Our dark lord Satan

In honor of Halloween, a story about a chance encounter with Satan (Miroslav, that is).

This is a 100 percent true story. Back in 2009-10 I was at a morning skate in Toronto, where the Boston Bruins were limbering up for that night’s contest. With me was THN video producer Ted Cooper and an intern. We’re standing near the corner boards when the intern says something to the effect of, “man, I can’t believe Miroslav Satan is still playing in the NHL.”

Now this would turn out to be Satan’s last season in North America and it was true, the Slovakian veteran was no longer a threat to score 30 or 40 goals in a year. But apparently, you should not take Satan’s name in vein.

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There’s no way he could have heard the remark from the ice, but moments later, Satan lofted a puck up at the protective netting, where it began rolling across the top of the glass, all the way from one side of the zone to the other, to the corner we were standing in, at which point it dropped down under the netting, hit the floor and then rolled directly past our feet. We stood there dumbfounded.

Turns out, Satan still had some dark arts left in his game after all.