Tuukka Rask’s Olympic goalie mask unveiled

Finland starter Tuukka Rask’s Olympic goalie mask was unveiled last night. What do you think of the look?

The closer we get to the Olympic Games, the more goalie masks are being rolled out. Remember Jonathan Quick’s mask from last week? The back plate of that design was unveiled earlier this week and pays homage to war heroes.

A few days ago, Henrik Lundqvist’s sharp blue and yellow Swedish helmet was also unveiled.

The latest comes from Boston’s Tuukka Rask, who will most likely be the go-to starter for Finland in Sochi. Instead of a flag-waving blue and white design, Rask’s look is very gold and very mighty. It was designed by Pro’s Choice and was unveiled last night.


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The crown of the helmet features a golden lion, which appears on the Finnish coat of arms (and also goes nicely with his NHL team), with a radical “Suomi” streaking across the bottom between two Finnish flags. The back plate of the helmet features an arm holding a sword with the word “Finland” across the bottom.

What do you think of Rask’s look?