TV must lend a helping hand

If the NHL and Gary Bettman are so interested in selling the game to American audiences, why do they allow the TV presentation to suck so much?

The viewer rarely is even given a breakdown of lines and defensemen pairings, let alone any serious player introductions.

If you need an example, all one must do is watch an NFL game. For all its faults, the NFL is an undeniable marketing beast. I am sure it is no secret that, aside from a robust few, relatively speaking, the majority of American “fans” have nowhere near the knowledge of the game, its history, or its players compared to those north of the border, and thusly, will need to have their hands held a little bit more.

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And so, maybe if Americans had a clue as to who the players are, at least beyond the obvious superstars and top-tier talent, maybe the game would catch on in the States, let alone actually attract some TV viewership.
Travis Mearns, Latrobe, Penn.