Two Minutes in the Box: Luke Schenn

The Hockey News: What was your ‘welcome to the NHL’ moment?

Luke Schenn: My first NHL game. It was on Hockey Night in Canada in Detroit – they were raising the Stanley Cup banner. A couple of months earlier I had gone to a game in Detroit as a fan and a couple of months later, I was playing them.

THN: What did you buy with your first NHL paycheck?

LS: Actually, I didn’t really buy much. The day I signed, Carrie Underwood was doing a concert. So I went out to the concert with a couple guys and that was about it.

THN: What’s the best trash-talk you’ve heard?

LS: One guy – I don’t know who, I think we were playing the Islanders – was wearing a really odd number, 64 or something, and a guy on our team asked him if he picked that number or of it was given to him when he came up from the minors.

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THN: Who’s your road roommate and how is he?

LS: I roomed with Jeff Finger all year (2008-09) and he’s awesome. Even though he’s 10 years older we get along great. We always go out for dinner with more of the guys and we actually got really tight over the season.

THN: What is your favorite album and movie of all time?

LS: Garth Brooks’ Greatest Hits and A Night at the Roxbury.

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