Two Minutes in the Box: Michael Frolik

What was your welcome to the NHL moment?
It was last year. After two months I was kind of surprised I made the team in the start and they just keep me around and after they tell me I can find a place in Florida. So it was very nice and kind of the best moment in my life.

Who is your road roommate and how is he?
It’s “Rusty” (Rostislav) Olesz. Last year he was with me too, but he was kind of injured so this year we’ve spent the whole season together. He’s my buddy, he has the same agent like me and we’re both Czech so it’s good. He helps me a lot, you know last year I lived with him all year, like in the house, so that was very nice from him and I just appreciate it.

What’s your best hockey memory?
Oh, for sure it was my first NHL game, the first minutes. It was against Atlanta and it was at home, so for sure it was my best hockey memory.

Have you ever been star-struck on the ice, and if so, by who?
I think for sure it’s against Alex Ovechkin. It’s always special to play against him. I enjoy every game and watching the best players. I try to find some new things from them and learn from them, so that’s good.

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Which current NHLer is a lock for the Hall of Fame?
For sure it’s got to be Sidney Crosby. He scored the gold medal goal in the Olympics so I think he’s going to be there for sure.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to a little bit of everything, I’m not like just one style. I like everything from something, for example, like U2 and stuff like that.

Who is your favorite band?
Linkin Park. They’re pretty good.

What is your favorite movie?
The Hangover.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
I think it was through Europe and in Spain. My uncle has kind of an apartment there on an island so it’s very nice there.

What did you do during the Olympic break?
My parents were down in Florida, so kind of just hang out with them. When you’re in Florida you don’t really have to go on vacation so we spent two days in a hotel in Miami Beach with my girlfriend.

What was your last job before hockey?
I’m from a hockey family so we were kind of living just for hockey. Hockey was No. 1 and school was second so I didn’t really work, just played hockey.

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