Two Minutes in the Box: Todd White

The Hockey News: What was your ‘welcome to the NHL’ moment?

Todd White: The first time pulling on the jersey, that’s a moment I remember.

THN: Favorite album of all-time?

TW: Metallica’s “Black” album.

THN: Who were your road roommates last season?

At the beginning of the year I roomed with Bryan Little, then later it was Tobias Enstrom. Both were pretty quiet and would mostly watch DVDs or surf the Internet. Very easy to get along with.

THN: What was your last job before you became a player?

TW: I worked at a bowling alley; front desk, fixing the machines…

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THN: Best vacation you’ve ever been on?

TW: Going to Disney with the kids.

Favorite sport besides hockey?

TW: Football.

THN: Which current NHLer is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame?

TW: Nicklas Lidstrom.

THN: If you could play for any team in history, which would it be?

TW: One of the old Montreal Canadiens teams. Just to learn from the best and find out mentally what put them over the top.

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