Two rules that make no sense

There are two rules in the NHL I can’t understand. The first is the four-minute high-sticking call for drawing blood, which I assume was initially implemented to avoid danger.

The argument I have is why does blood become the threshold for lack of safety? A cut on the lip can result in four minutes, while an elbow to the head, which results in a serious concussion, is only worth two.

This nonsense call is costing teams games more often than it should.

The other rule is kicking the puck in the net. If you want more goals why not allow kick-in goals? Ninety-nine percent of the time it is more beneficial to use a hockey stick to score anyways.

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Completely allowing it would reduce stoppages in play to go upstairs, which in turn takes away from the excitement of the game. There would be less questioning and bitter debate about whether a goal should count and more goals for fans to cheer about.

John S., Lethbridge, Alta.