Tyler Seguin shows jaw-dropping puck handling skills in must-see first-person video

Tyler Seguin has some of the best hands in the game, and he put them on display in a must-see first-person video with the help of the people at GoPro. From stickhandling three pucks at once to a sick sliding breakaway goal, you’ll have a new appreciation for Seguin after this video.

If there weren’t enough reasons for Boston Bruins fans to lament the Tyler Seguin trade, watching what the Dallas Stars sniper can do from his perspective will give even the most jaded of hockey fans new appreciation for Seguin’s skills and make Bruins fans wish they could take back that trade all over again.

In another installment of the GoPro “On the Ice” series, Seguin starts by showing his stick skills with two pucks, but quickly ups the ante to a third without missing a beat. Like Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane in videos before, Seguin’s seemingly perpetual movement is topped only by a lightning quick release that leaves little wonder why he has scored 35 goals this season. Check it out:

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For any recreation hockey players, it’s almost not fair to watch the disparity between how well Seguin handles the puck and how ham-handed those of us who go out for an evening skate appear to be.

Of course, the highlight of the video comes when Seguin rips down the ice for a full-ice breakaway and buries a backhander past the netminder. Once in the corner, Seguin’s helmet camera falls off, which he grabs before it comes slamming to the ice, much to the pleasure of those taking in his skills exhibition.

In true goal scorer fashion, Seguin ends the video by showing a little flair, sliding on his stomach for the “Superman” goal.