Ugly NHL Sweaters are the most lovable eyesore this holiday season

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to gear up so you can show team pride in the most hilariously horrible way possible. The NHL’s Ugly Sweaters are upon us.

Much like peppermint and candy cane flavored, well, everything, the Ugly Sweater has become as much a part of the holiday season as good will and presents for all. Now, thanks to the minds at the NHL, you can display your team pride in the most garish of holiday fashions. The original round of Ugly Sweaters came in July, a long way from the holiday hoopla, but just this week the league unveiled the next batch and, boy, are they something. Feast your eyes:

Sweaters Not only are threads the perfect thing to wear to holiday parties for the entire season, you can also wear them on game day to stay warm. You can’t think of one good reason not to get one. It’s impossible. But if team love isn’t up your alley, the league has taken it upon themselves to make sure you can wear the mark of your favourite player – as long as that player is one of Jonathan Quick, Patrick Kane, or Alex Ovechkin:
Player Uglies There’s something almost breathtaking about that Washington Capitals Ovechkin design. It’s hideously perfect on a new level. You can view the whole collection

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