Unselfish Devil

Griffin Foulks, Middletown, N.J.

On April 29, 2006, two of my friends and my twin brother went to a Devils playoff game where they were playing the Rangers.

The Devils won the game and the series that day, but one of the best things happened outside the arena.

We waited for players in the rain and many came and graciously attended to the drizzled-on fans. As the crowd thinned out, we made our way to the car when we saw a new Range Rover pull up to a parking garage to let an elderly couple out of the vehicle.

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We saw how thankful they were when they exited, but were shocked to see the man giving them the ride was Patrik Elias.

Stunned, we approached his SUV as he rolled his window down. He asked if we wanted autographs, but we already saw enough as we told him how great it was of him (and we already had his John Hancock on our jerseys from another time).

At that moment he became an idol to us as he showed that even talented hockey players have the kindness in their hearts to help out people in need.