Vermont is Canadiens country

Rich Green, Milton, Ver.

In reading the cover story – “No Pain No Gain” – from the Sept 6 issue about the Boston Bruins, I noticed multiple references to New England hockey fans.

The implication is that the Bruins are the team of record throughout all of New England. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here in Northern Vermont, this is Canadiens country. We’re closer to Montreal.

Vermonters hold season tickets to the Bell Centre. Heck, even one of the owners and now the GM lives in the Green Mountain State.

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Please don’t be lazy and follow alleged marketing boundaries to determine who follows what team.

Furthermore, when you distribute the THN Yearbook (known as The Book of Writ in our home) in Vermont, please put a Canadien on the cover.

Trust me, it would be appreciated around here.