VIDEO: THN Puck Panel – Playoff preview

To set the stage for the Western Conference playoffs, host Edward Fraser sits down with senior writers Ken Campbell and Adam Proteau to discuss: Whether or not the Sharks can avoid a first round failure; Why the Kings have a chance to score an upset over the Canucks; The experience edge the Wings hold over the Coyotes; And why the Hawks are in tough against the Predators.

To watch the Eastern Conference breakdown, scroll down to the second video.

Western Conference Preview

And moving to the East, host Edward Fraser talks with writers Ryan Dixon and Ryan Kennedy about: The Capitals’ lethal firepower wearing down the Habs defense; Whether or not Brian Elliott’s lack of playoff experience will be a factor in the Penguins-Senators series; Why the Flyers can give the Devils a run for their money; And why the Bruins injury woes could finally catch up with them against the Sabres. In case you’re wondering, Kennedy picked the Sabres in six.

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Eastern Conference Preview

PRODUCER: Ted Cooper

The Puck Panel will appear regularly throughout the season.