VIDEO: Wade Redden making most of AHL assignment

Being assigned to the minors is something all NHLers hope to avoid throughout their careers. Many players get the experience straight out of junior or bounce back and forth between the NHL and American League in the early part of their careers. But in the NHL salary cap era a new phenomenon has developed: former stars being buried in the minors so their enormous salaries won’t be counted toward the cap.

Coming out of junior, Wade Redden was able to avoid the minors and made the jump straight to the NHL with the Ottawa Senators. But at age 33 the second overall pick from 1995 finds himself in the unenviable situation of being buried in the AHL.

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Ryan Dixon takes a closer look at Redden’s AHL odyssey.

REPORTER: Ryan Dixon| EDITOR: Graeme Skinner | PRODUCER: Ted Cooper

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