Viktor Fasth’s new mask will haunt your dreams

Viktor Fasth’s new mask is equal parts frightening and brilliant. The clown theme he has used before is back, and this time it has been designed to make your skin crawl no matter which direction you look at it from.

Viktor Fasth is no stranger to having creepy masks, but his brand new lid takes the cake. Working with
DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, Fasth came up with a brand new lid that mixes the cogwheels and oil that have become staples on the masks of Oilers netminders with his a childhood fear of many – a frightening looking clown. Be warned – if you wanted to sleep well tonight, Fasth’s new mask might throw a wrench in those plans.

Viktor Fasth Creepypasta Clown Mask body Fasth’s new mask, like
Pekka Rinne’s most recent lid paintd by DaveArt, uses a glowing paint to make the clown’s eyes shine, even in the dark. If that’s not unsettling enough, the clown actually has two faces: one when the cage is pointed down, and another when the cage is pointed up. The idea, writes Gunnarsson, comes from his own childhood when he would draw monsters that would look different depending on which direction you viewed the art from. That design is put to spectacular use for Fasth’s mask. Let’s hope he’s back in action soon so we can see this design on the ice.

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