Visnovsky reprimanded by IOC for breaking anti-doping rules

The International Olympic Committee has issued a reprimand against lovakian defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky for breaking anti-doping rules, the Canadian Press is reporting.

Tests revealed Visnovsky took too much cold medicine with the ingredient pseudoephedrine in the days before the bronze medal game against Finland.

According to the rules, the drug can be used as a performance enhancer.

The IOC said Visnovsky had informed doping control officers he was taking the medication to combat flu-like symptoms and he had done so in consultation with his doctor.

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No action was taken in terms of a suspension because on the day of the medal competition itself, Visnovsky’s levels of pseudoephedrine were below the limit.

Pseudoephedrine was only recently re-added to the list of banned substances.

The IOC also began disciplinary procedures against the Slovak national team doctor.