Want to watch video of Steve Carell and Tom Green talking Henrik Lundqvist & Jonathan Quick? It’s your lucky day

Star comedians Steve Carell and Tom Green talked about their love of hockey, the goaltending position, and Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Quick – and we’ve got video.

Steve Carell and Tom Green are comedians. They’re also hockey fans. And on Green’s AXS TV show “Tom Green Live”, they talked about hockey – and more specifically, the goaltending position (which Carell played growing up in Massachusetts and in college at Denison University in Ohio).

In a 2007 interview with THN, I asked Carell about his love of hockey. Here’s one of the highlights:

THN: The idea of hockey as a ‘Big Four’ sport is suffering in the US. Is there anything you think the NHL can do to raise its profile?

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Carell: Assless pants. Because frankly, you’ve got your male demographic covered, but players in assless hockey pants, I think, would bring in a big-time female audience. It’d sort of be the Chippendales League.

Here’s more evidence of Carell’s affection for hockey: A skit from the short-lived Dana Carvey Show he (and fellow future comedy superstar Stephen Colbert) appeared on in 1996: